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Organize your lists in one place.

On Listorado you create your lists as you want them.
See examples of lists in the menu.
  • Todo
  • Shopping lists
  • Driving journal
  • Recipies
  • Enrolmentlists
  • Economy
  • Reminders (with notification)
  • ...

It's also easy to share lists with others and create your own reports.
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  • Listorado for mobile is now available
  • v1.4
    New column type for value lists.

    New column type for notifications.
  • v1.3
    New feature to send list as email.

    New column type for links.
  • v1.2
    New feature for sharing lists with other users.

    New feature for themes (choose theme in the User account page).
  • v1.1
    New feature for creating and saving reports, also useful for printing.